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Johannes Kleiman
Johannes Kleiman and his secretary Jeanne Kwakernaak in their office in 1956.

Johannes Kleiman: important dates and events

17 August 1895Born in Koog aan de Zaan (the Netherlands).
1923Kleiman meets Otto Frank through his work.
July 1927Kleiman marries, and a few months later his daughter is born.
1933The Frank family move to the Netherlands and Otto Frank searches out Kleiman. From that time onwards they are good friends.
1940Kleiman starts work at Opekta.
16 December 1941Otto Frank is no longer allowed to be a director of Opekta, because Jews are now forbidden from having their own businesses. Kleiman becomes his successor, but secretly Otto Frank remains in charge.
6 July 1942The Frank family go into hiding in the secret annexe. Johannes Kleiman becomes one of the helpers.
31 March 1943Kleiman develops gastric bleeding.
September 1943Kleiman undergoes an operation.
Johannes Kleiman beside the movable bookcase.

4 August 1944Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler are arrested together with the eight people in hiding. They are all first brought to the SD (Nazi security police) headquarters on the Euterpestraat in Amsterdam. The same day Kleiman and Kugler are sent to the prison on the Amstelveenseweg.
7 September 1944Kleiman and Kugler are transferred to the prison on the Weteringschans in Amsterdam.
11 September 1944Kleiman is sent to Amersfoort concentration camp (the Netherlands).
18 September 1944The Red Cross manages to get Johannes Kleiman released from Amersfoort camp because of his poor health.
1952 onwards After Otto Frank moves to Switzerland Mr Kleiman takes charge of the Opekta company. Until 1959 he guides many visitors around the Anne Frank House
28 January 1959Johannes Kleiman dies in his office.
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